Tunnel Support System

Antraquip’s Arch Canopy System is designed for pipe roofing, forepoling, anchoring and drainage

Arch Canopy System
Antraquip’s Arch Canopy (Barrel Vault) System is designed for pipe roofing, forepoling, anchoring and drainage. For underground infrastructure building in typical urban areas, poor ground conditions and for all underground construction in weak and disturbed soils modern tunneling engineers have developed a face stabilization and protection system called “Tube Umbrella” or “Forepoling”. The method is based on the use of drilled piped (tubes) in the advance of the tunnel face. Antraquip is leading the way in offering complete systems which include all components needed for forepoling and roof piping applications wherever dripping is required.

the Pantex Lattice System forms a complete homogenous composite structure

Lattice Girders
Pantex Lattice Girders have been developed for the special demands of tunnel construction. This system has been rigorously tested and successfully installed in many tunnel projects throughout the world. Contrary to standard rolled steel sections and regardless of shape the Pantex Lattice System in conjunction with shotcrete, is totally surrounded by concrete, forming a complete homogenous composite structure with no unconsolidated areas, voids or fissures visible. The overall result is a tunnel lining that significantly reduces ground settlement and prevents the ingress of water.

Lattice Girder Details

Bars, Stiffeners & Spiders
For these important load components a special steel is used. It was developed for the demanding requirements which exist in tunnel construction.

Bars, Stiffeners & Spiders

  • High Strength
  • Great Formability
  • Very Suitable for Welding

As the North American representative of the Pantex support elements (Tunnel Ausbau Technik Gmbh), Antraquip can supply complete lattice girders as per project requirements. Please contact Antraquip to find out if lattice girders are the support solution for your tunnel project.

 AQ Lattice Girder Brochure
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