Steel Beams

Steel Ribs, Beam and Channels

Steel Ribs, Beams and Channel

Fabricated to AISC standards using wide flange beams (W section) and consist of a straight cap beam and straight posts. The steel sets can be used as portal extensions or portal canopies. The sets are also combined with lagging elements and/or galvanized decking and used as supplemental support in roof fall areas.

The sets are manufactured based upon the site-specific nature of the jobsite and beams are sized based on the load carrying requirements of the customer. All steel set arrangements are supplied with pipe struts, tie rods and hardware for assembly.

AQ-Square-Set-Cross-Section  AQ-Horseshoe-Set-Arrangement with Lagging SectionAQ-Ring-Set-Cross Section

TH Profile
The TH profile beam is used in tunneling and mining markets worldwide. The unique cross section provides a balanced load carrying capacity and buckling resistance regardless of the orientation standard (leg-out) or reverse (leg-in). The cross-section shape allows the beams to be overlapped and clamped. The clamping feature allows the profile adaptability to varying entry heights and widths. The clamps allow the profile to yield when used as a post or column. The TH profile can be supplied in as-rolled or heat-treated condition.

TH Profile
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