Soil Mixing

July 9, 2014

Griffin Soil of northern California has been the “goto” contractor for special application soil mixing for over 23 years. They provide the latest techniques and products for the stabilization industry making them a market leader. Griffin soil continues to maintain and grow the largest fleet of stabilization equipment in the Western United States.

Recently on-site at a current project.
The challenge was being able to mix the soft California clay with quicklime, due to the soil diversity in this region. This makes for quite the obstacle. The project also has space restrictions due to the fact it’s located right up against the port of San Mateo California.

Using their Terex 300 size excavator equipped with Antraquip AQ-3XL.
Griffin soil was able to see productivity gains from 100 sq per hour up to 400 sq per hour . . . due to the unique design of the hydraulic soil mixer, there was no need to overbid and pay the extreme high prices to bring in much larger pieces of equipment. This project was a success utilizing the standard excavator with the production AQ-3XL.
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