The Precision of the AQ Drum Cutter

July 24, 2019

The Precision of the AQ Drum Cutter

The precision and power of an Antraquip drum cutter not only won the bid for the regional contractor but may have been the only machine that would have worked in the tight city street location without significant additional costs and disruption to the community, if traditional methods were used, including the removal of sidewalks, traffic stoppage, noise and vibration. With a 24’ deep trench needing to be excavated in hard Pennsylvania limestone a hydraulic hammer would have required a nearly 20’ wide cut at the top. With the use of an Antraquip AQ-4XL mounted on Komatsu PC 490 the contractor was able to maintain a trench width of roughly 5 feet from top to bottom. The contractor estimated the use of an AQ cutter was at least 4X faster than using a conventional hammer.

Aside from the significantly shorter excavation time which saved the contractor obvious labor and equipment costs, there is the additional savings of not needing to haul the fragmented rock from the city site and providing approved back fill to close the trench. The material that was cut by the Antraquip AQ-4XL was approved for use as backfill once the pipe was installed.

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Watch a short video clip here.

AQ4XL Trenching in Pennsylvania, USA  AQ4XL Trenching in Pennsylvania, USA

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