Before You Bid on Your Next Project . . . Read Story

October 12, 2016

Before You Bid  on Your Next Project . . . Read Story

Here's How this local excavating contractor turned what appeared to be a "Money losing, equipment breaking project"... Into a profit producing win/win project for his company and client.

The project called for the bidding of 4 large concrete bridge abutments. In the past the contractor would simply bid estimating a 3 weeks lead time per one side (8 sides total)

"We've been running a CAT 325 excavators with hydraulic breakers on the end"...

"However on this project we felt there has to be a faster more cost effective way to preform the demolition/removal of these 4 concrete bridge abutments."


Bridge Concrete Removal

I asked...How would you normally preform a project like this?

"We would have to set up all of the scaffolding, then have to bring in crews with hand tools for the hard to reach areas and "Slowly" chip away."

Bridge Concrete Removal

With a simple short term rental commitment of only around $5,000k for the month. The contractor received his hydraulic cutter.

The attachment was easily mounted excavator (similar to mounting a hammer). Soon after the contractor was up running.

For more pictures and videos from this project Click Here to view

Warning before you bid the next project!

Before you estimate your next big project. We've put together a comprehensive Bid Kit to better help you estimate production and cost. 


 Call or email us for your  FREE Bid kit! (Kit includes)

  • Includes Full Line Brochure
  • Catalog showing the different choices for teeth/picks
  • Model specific specs and cost
  • Estimated production in various types of rock

 This will help you determine if your application is best suited for hydraulic cutter.



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