Strategic Trenching & Shoring

October 26, 2015

Strategic Trenching & Shoring

Antraquip Corporation was featured in the September/October 2015, Grading and Excavation Magazine article, "Strategic Trenching & Shoring" written by Tauren Dyson.  

Our own Aaron Lewis, Marketing Director, cited the importance of drum cutters or grinders when a contractors are penetrating surfaces containing hard rock. These tools save time and money.  He explained the necessity of understanding rock hardness and how Antraquip has an in-house database of rock hardness that provides details of various global geographic areas. 

If necessary, Antraquip will visit your location to analyze the rock and stresses the importance of properly positioning rock cutting tools for each application.  Understanding the adverse variables is extremely important.  A non-vibrational rock cutting solution will decrease the wear and tear on your machine.  Grinders create less percussion but are just as effective.  Antraquip's hydraulic cutter reduces the noise and disturbance and is best for sound restricted areas or areas of risk for fracture.

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