Hammer or Hydraulic Cutters

May 22, 2015

Hammer or Hydraulic Cutters

Hydraulic cutter vs Hammer:
Differences and Comparison
Contractors/mining engineers have discovered how to increase production and safety.

How does a hydraulic cutterhead compare to hydraulic hammer?

Contractors and Engineers often ask how does a hydraulic cutterhead attachment performs in comparison to a hydraulic hammer?

The hydraulic cutterhead attachments are ideally suited for precision application where over breaking, removal of hard material, sound sensitive projects or helping producing reusable material for back-fill on site are common obstacles.

With technology evolved from the mining industry, Antraquip’s hydraulic rock and concrete cutting attachments (cutterheads) are a versatile tool with many uses and are an excellent alternative to conventional hydraulic hammers.

Equipped with carbide teeth and able to generate massive torque and cutting forces, Antraquip’s line of cutterheads is unmatched in concrete grinding and rock cutting applications.

Cutterheads offer the ideally engineered balance of cutting power and precision and offer benefits like low noise and vibration for sensitive sites, reusable backfill, high production and low maintenance.

They are easier to control, produce a better end result, and work more efficiently than a hydraulic hammer. The cutterhead attachment has consistent dimensions and depth control allowing you to grind, scale and trench with extreme precision.

Are you in the middle of a project bid?… and curious about how this attachment might work for you?

We are proud to be the first and ONLY made in the USA brand of hydraulic cutters that has a FULL rental option and “rent to own” options available to our members…

Antraquip offers FREE DEMO/RENTAL OPTION! We are excited to team up with you and help get your project excavation underway!

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