Antraquip Flexes Muscle on Yale Science Building Project

August 29, 2017

Antraquip Flexes Muscle on Yale Science Building Project

Starting in June, Antraquip supplied an AQ-5 hydraulic cutter mounted on a CAT349, an AQC180 carbide saw (rockwheel) for a CAT336 and shortly thereafter sent in another AQ-4 cutter for a CAT330 onto the campus of the prestigious Yale University. These attachments are being used to excavate more than 100,000 cubic meters of rock that consists of limestone, sandstone and shale with UCS of ranging from 6,000 to 12,000psi (40-85MPa).  

The project started out with another head to head comparison of the Antraquip AQ-5 compared to competitor model mounted on the same CAT349 excavator and as has been showcased before the AQ-5 netted a production rate of ~3 X that of the competing machine so the decision was simple for the Connecticut based contractor.  The reaction from the client was clear before the AQ-5 was even commissioned as the 2 attachments when sitting side by side, it was visibly obvious that the robust design starting with the gearbox to the drums was simply at a different level.  By the time it was put into production within 5 minutes the operator was grinning ear to ear as he realized the production rate of the machine and gave a unmistakable thumbs up. 

With the AQ-5 in production, the AQC180 carbide saw arrived onsite within 1 week to perform relief cuts for the D9 ripper the contractor was using in combination to the AQ-5.  The saw has become an essential attachment for the job “most important machine onsite” according to Project Manager. The AQC rockwheel is a relatively new addition to the portfolio that Antraquip has worked on perfecting for over two years in a further attempt to prove the productivity and reliability of mechanized rock and concrete cutting in the most extreme conditions.  These innovative saws can handle anything from hard rock to reinforced bridge deck demolition projects, providing yet another option for contractors looking for alternatives to hammers, shears, drill and blast, etc. in order to speed up production. 

Shortly thereafter the AQ-4 was brought in as the AQ-5 had proven to be so successful the client wanted to speed up production with this method even more instead of relying on a breaker for the other part of the job. Where it stands to date is that project is ahead of schedule and Antraquip again has proven to be the market leader in providing rock cutting attachments for high production jobs. Call us today to see how one of our attachments can make you $ on your next project.


Library of photos and videos showing machines in action.

AQ5 & AQC180 Carbide Saw mounted on CATAQ5 & AQC180 Carbide Saw mounted on CAT

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