Antraquip Hydraulic Cutter Grinds Up the Competition

May 26, 2017

Antraquip Hydraulic Cutter Grinds Up the Competition

Successful Land Development Project in Western Pennsylvania

Recently, a well known contractor in western Pennsylvania was needing
an efficient rock excavation method for a land development project on
the back portion of his property. Drilling and blasting was not allowed
given the close proximity to neighborhoods and hydraulic breakers
were also very loud and not productive enough to complete the project
on schedule.  The client was familiar with hydraulic cutters having
successfully used them on various trenching projects but wanted a
comparison of production rates of the Antraquip AQ-5 and a regional
competitor importing a similar machine from overseas.  He diligently
wanted to make sure he was getting the most production, reliability
and durability for this project requiring the excavation of 10s of
thousands of cubic yards of moderately hard limestone with UCS
(unconfined compressive strength) of ~10,000PSI.  The contractor
opted to bring in both machines as the specifications can be quite
confusing (if not misleading) and the competitor model was
significantly cheaper – The AQ-5 and competitor model were setup
on his Hyundai 520 excavator.  After running both cutter models
the decision was decisive.

The AQ-5 on the day of testing accomplished an average 20+ cu. yards
per hour, almost double that of the competitor model.  Additionaly, the
contractor stated “Although the other cutter worked quite well the
comparison was apples to oranges in regard to size, strength and how
robust the AQ-5 is built. For a  production application such as this the
AQ-5 is the clear choice”.  In summary, the Antraquip AQ-5 transverse cutter won the
competition hands down and to be clear the hydraulic excavator and it’s
hydraulic settings were set exactly the same so this was a true head to
head comparison.  The client opted to buy the AQ-5 on the spot despite
the higher price point but based on his calculation he would have the
price difference made up within a couple of weeks given the higher
production rate. 

Here are a few photos of the AQ-5 in operation.

Antraquip Hydraulic Cutter Attachment

Antraquip AQ-5 Hydraulic Cutter

Antraquip AQ5 - Rock Excavation Project in Western Pennsylvania

AQ5 Hydraulic Cutter Rock Excavation
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