Before You Dig Your Next Project

October 7, 2014

Before You Dig Your Next Project
Production rates can vary considerably depending on the size and power of the Grinder that is being employed and the strength of the rock/material that is being cut. For instance the variability of production rates depending on rock type/hardness as well as cutter/grinder model can range from 1cu. yd/hr – 200 cu. yds/hr. This illustrates the importance of understanding the main factors that will determine actual production rates.

As a general guideline, the largest grinder can offer over 60cy/ hr. in productions based in a mid-soft rock application.

Rock strengths can vary greatly, if you would like specific production estimates, call us, were the experts, we can provide material hardness values, as well as we can send you samples.

Unlike other suppliers/manufactures we are Made in USA!

We manufacture a range of machines to fit any size excavator.
Antraquip’s technical approach to providing rock/concrete cutting solutions as the leading manufacturer and supplier of specialized hydraulic and electrically driven rock cutting machines such as roadheaders and rotary drum cutting attachments. It is essential for Antraquip to determine the cutability of material prior to recommending a machine model. There are several methods in evaluating rock, which help the experienced personnel at Antraquip ensure proper machine selection to achieve maximum production rates in a given application.
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