AQM 150 Roadheader

A heavy class roadheader for soft to medium hard rock mining

The Antraquip AQM150 roadheader is a heavy weight class roadheader designed for tunneling and soft to medium hard rock Mining applications.

Features and Values
  • Capable of cutting very hard rock economically
  • Integrated high pressure pick flushing system – increased safety and pick life
  • Low rotation speed of the cutter head and high installed power – minimum dust development
  • Low ground pressure of crawler tracks
  • No movements of crawler chains during sumping the cutter unit – no destruction of floor in soft conditions

Key Specifications

Technical Data 
Weight: approx. 35 t
Height: 1,900 mm
Length: 8,128 mm
Width of Loading Apron: 2,000 mm
Cutter Motor: 130 kW
Max. Cutting Height: 4,250 mm
Max. Cutting Width: 5,400 mm
Max. Undercut: 180 mm

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