Transverse Hydraulic Rock Cutter Head Attachments

Rotary drum cutters have shown an increase in production

Antraquip transverse style drumcutters offer an ideal alternative to hydraulic hammers and traditional excavation methods offering exceptional production rates for a variety of applications including trenching, mining, scaling, demolition, tunneling, soil remediation, underwater operations, foundation excavation etc. Our rotary drum cutter machines are field proven and have shown an increase in production even in the most challenging conditions. Other benefits of Antraquip rotary hydraulic cutters include the low vibration and noise output relative to other types of excavation equipment.  Antraquip's hydraulic drum cutters are suitable for all ranges of excavators, skidsteers, backhoes and numerous other machines.

ModelExcavator Size Class
AQ-1S Transverse 1-3 ton
AQ-1 Transverse 2-8 ton
AQ-2 Transverse 5-15 ton
AQ-3 Transverse 12-20 ton
AQ-3XL Transverse 15-28 ton
AQ-4 Transverse 25-45 ton
AQ-4XL Transverse 40-70 ton
AQ-5 Transverse 50-80 ton
AQ-6 Transverse 70-180 ton

Can be mounted on:
Antraquip rotary hydraulic cutters include the low vibration and noise output
and other hydraulic carriers


  • Most reliable and robust design utilizing powerful hydraulic motor and spur gears to endure heavy duty applications including cutting of hard rock and reinforced concrete
  • Various displacement options available (and easily interchangeable) for each motor to match any excavator and application perfectly
  • Aggressive cutter bit lacing pattern to maximize production output
  • low vibration and low noise compared to conventional excavation tools
  • Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.