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Small Antraquip Cutters = Big Success in New Zealand November 27, 2017

Antraquip brand is making its presence in New Zealand at one of Auckland’s tallest apartment buildings under construction check out their story here A happy project manager on the line speaks about our smallest transverse model designed to operate on mini-excavators and other compact hydraulic carriers. The company says the Antraquip range of attachments—US-built to work harder and last longer—can provide customer engineered solutions for any rock or concrete cutting project. They can also deliver viable economic and environmental alternatives to blasting or hammering. Read More

Antraquip Flexes Muscle on Yale Science Building Project August 29, 2017

Starting in June, Antraquip supplied an AQ-5 cutter mounted on a CAT349, an AQC180 carbide saw (rockwheel) for a CAT336 and shortly thereafter sent in another AQ-4 cutter for a CAT330 onto the campus of the prestigious Yale University.  These attachments are being used to excavate more than 100,000 cubic meters of rock that consists of limestone, sandstone and shale with UCS of ranging from 6,000 to 12,000psi (40-85MPa).   The project started out with another head to head comparison of the Antraquip AQ-5 compared to competitor model mounted on the same CAT349 excavator and as has been showcased before… Read More

Antraquip Hydraulic Cutter Grinds Up the Competition May 26, 2017

Successful Land Development Project in Western PennsylvaniaRecently, a well known contractor in western Pennsylvania was needing an efficient rock excavation method for a land development project on the back portion of his property. Drilling and blasting was not allowed given the close proximity to neighborhoods and hydraulic breakers were also very loud and not productive enough to complete the project on schedule.  The client was familiar with hydraulic cutters having successfully used them on various trenching projects but wanted a comparison of production rates of the Antraquip AQ-5 and a regional competitor importing a similar machine from overseas.  He diligently… Read More


HYDRAULIC ROCK CUTTERS MADE IN THE USA (FOR EXCAVATORS)Antraquip® Line of Hydraulic Rock Cutters are a valuable and versatile assets in Trenching, quarries and bridge demolition, as well as other large-scale demolition projects. Be More ProductiveThese Mechanized Rock Cutters are designed to keep you working - all day long, every day. Our first in the industry 360 head rotation is a new feature allowing for narrow cuts in space restricted areas Buffers improve operator comfort and protect your machine from vibration. Noise Suppression For Your Environmental ConcernsThese Cutters are fully enclosed for superior noise suppression, making them ideal in work… Read More

Before You Bid on Your Next Project . . . Read Story October 12, 2016

Here's How this local excavating contractor turned what appeared to be a "Money losing, equipment breaking project"... Into a profit producing win/win project for his company and client. The project called for the bidding of 4 large concrete bridge abutments. In the past the contractor would simply bid estimating a 3 weeks lead time per one side (8 sides total) "We've been running a CAT 325 excavators with hydraulic breakers on the end"... "However on this project we felt there has to be a faster more cost effective way to preform the demolition/removal of these 4 concrete bridge abutments."   I asked...How would… Read More

Antraquip Hydraulic Cutters in Equipment World Magazine June 27, 2016

Check out why Equipment World chose Antraquip Rock and Concrete Grinders for their cover story image. Adding value to your Excavator: Specifically designed for grinding rock, concrete and wood. Rotary grinder or rock grinders are hydraulic excavator attachments designed to increase the range of work available to excavators and increase their return on investment.   Benefits of the Hydraulic Grinder: Extremely durable Virtually vibration free Operates with minimal noise Increases profiling accuracy Low energy impact cutting action High production rates in soft to medium hardness material Efficient material removal Antraquip Hydraulic Cutters/Grinders is the Best Fit for Any Job. Contact us when… Read More

Roadheaders in Action February 26, 2016

Antraquip Corporation was featured in the January/February 2016, World Tunnelling Magazine article. Using roadheaders on the New Irvington Tunnel avoided possible boring-machine mishaps associated with seismic ground conditions.Review Article Here Read More

Strategic Trenching & Shoring October 26, 2015

Antraquip Corporation was featured in the September/October 2015, Grading and Excavation Magazine article, "Strategic Trenching & Shoring" written by Tauren Dyson.   Our own Aaron Lewis, Marketing Director, cited the importance of hydraulic cutters or grinders when a contractors are penetrating surfaces containing hard rock.  These tools save time and money.  He explained the necessity of understanding rock hardness and how Antraquip has an in-house database of rock hardness that provides details of various global geographic areas.  If necessary, Antraquip will visit your location to analyze the rock and stresses the importance of properly positioning rock cutting tools for each… Read More

Hammer or Hydraulic Cutters May 22, 2015

Hydraulic cutter vs Hammer:Differences and ComparisonContractors/mining engineers have discovered how to increase production and safety. How does a hydraulic cutterhead compare to hydraulic hammer? Contractors and Engineers often ask how does a hydraulic cutterhead attachment performs in comparison to a hydraulic hammer?The hydraulic cutterhead attachments are ideally suited for precision application where over breaking, removal of hard material, sound sensitive projects or helping producing reusable material for back-fill on site are common obstacles. PRECISION CONTROL (IMPROVES PRODUCTION AND SAFETY)With technology evolved from the mining industry, Antraquip’s hydraulic rock and concrete cutting attachments (Cutterheads) are a versatile tool with many uses… Read More

Before You Dig Your Next Project October 7, 2014

WHAT TYPE OF PRODUCTION CAN I EXPECT FROM A ROCK?CONCRETE GRINDER?Production rates can vary considerably depending on the size and power of the Grinder that is being employed and the strength of the rock/material that is being cut. For instance the variability of production rates depending on rock type/hardness as well as cutter/grinder model can range from 1cu. yd/hr – 200 cu. yds/hr. This illustrates the importance of understanding the main factors that will determine actual production rates.As a general guideline, the largest Grinder can offer over 60cy/ hr. in productions based in a mid-soft rock application.Rock strengths can vary… Read More