Hydraulic Rock Cutters – Rock & Concrete Excavation

Our hydraulic rock cutters are perfect for grinding and excavating

Innovative Worldwide Cutting Solutions

Antraquip manufactures and distributes an extensive line of hydraulic rock cutters for a range of applications in the construction, mining, tunneling and energy industries. Our hydraulic cutters are suitable for material with uniaxial compressive strength (UCS) ranging from 500 to 25,000 PSI. Product innovation and advanced technology is the philosophy behind our transverse and axial cutters. Antraquip hydraulic rock cutters include:

  • All American-made parts & components
  • Powerful high torque hydraulic motors
  • Robust cutting drums to ensure maximum production & prolonged life
  • Customizable drums to accommodate performance maximized applications
  • Durable spur gears & housing

When selecting one of our hydraulic cutting attachments, you must consider the following factors:

  • Rock type & hardness
  • Application of use (rock excavation, trenching, demolition, concrete, tunneling or underwater)
  • Excavator size and power

The result will be a specialized hydraulic rock cutting solution, custom engineered for your needs.

Why Choose An Antraquip Cutter

Customized for your rock cutting needs

Transverse Hydraulic Rock Cutters

Antraquip transverse cutters are hydraulic attachments for excavators (and other hydraulic carriers) designed for a variety of applications. Models are available to fit onto carriers ranging from 1-150 tons. The benefits of these cutters is low vibration and noise output.

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Antraquip's hydraulic attachments are availabel to fit carriers ranging from 1-150 tons

Axial Hydraulic Rock Cutters (Lengthways)

Antraquip axial (lengthways) hydraulic cutters offer an alternative to the transverse models as they are commonly used for narrow trenches, remediation, profiling, scaling, controlled demolition applications and other specialized applications. Models are available for carriers ranging in size from 3-50 ton.

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For more technical information about the above machines, please contact us at 301-665-1165 or email sales@antraquip.net.